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Malaurielle's Profile Picture

Bonjour(Good moning), Bonsoir (Good afternoon/evening),

How are you doing today?
Good, I hope (if not I would be happy to talk with you)!

I leave in France (but plan on study for my Master in Denmark ♥).
I love Everything! I love to learn about any topic and to study anything!
I study Biology (BA) and Have been drawing as early as I can remember!

I hope you have an amazing time visiting DeviantArt and I wish you an Amazing week.
Have a great day/evening!


No journal entries yet.


One of my first digital piece in a LOOOONG while!
It's a commission, the name of the horse is Hordela: she's super nice to draw!
I think the results are okay but I don't know... I will keep practicing for sure! 
Tangaroa, God of the Sea
This aquarelle is a gift for a friend! :)
In Māori mythology, Tangaroa (also Takaroa) is one of the great gods, the god of the sea. He is a son of Ranginui and Papatuanuku, Sky and Earth.
Thanks to my my friend from New Zealand, I discovered amazing stories with great meaning!
I would probably redo it differently now that I look at it...
Plant Biology/Botanic Studies (University)
So I've been studying Biology for the last 2 years and we had to draw some organisms (plants were part of the few subjects, prokaryotic cells/animals/dissections too but should i put them up?)
Anyway, here goes!
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
how are y'all doing?

Here it is, finally!
This is one of my first Aquarelle (and a bit of dry pastels for background details) piece but certainly not the last: I loved the feel, efficiency and found the result satisfying enough!!

So : What's your favorite Ghibli/animated film?

Thank you!
Have a great day/evening!
Bird Story Reddit Style
(sorry for crappy pictures

# be me
# biology student BA
# never dealt with living animals in uni
# sleeping, still at parents' 
# life is good for now sleep
# 1AM hear soft noise 
# wake up, get up to pee
# hallway is lit, dad is up too
# wtf.jpg
# he seems restless
# me:"what's wrong?"
# dad:"there's a bird"
# me:"what?"
# dad:"there's a bird trapped inside the house"
# look right --> tiny birdy on floor near entrance door
# Passer domesticus  (fr: moineau domestique, eng: house sparrow)
# ohshit.png
# WE HAVE A  CAT (name's Helwynn)
# start to panick slightly
# run for my keys to open door for bird
# quick.png
# get keys, run back to main entrance
# cat is stuck in kitchen
# nicejobdad.png
# I extend to open door
# far from bird not to startle it
# Door's open
# birdy's weak, not flying
# mom joins us
# tells me to bring it outside
# I agree, take grains, water and birdy out
# put gently on mailbox (6 feet from ground, easy lift off)
# as I'm going back
# sudden realization
# coldashelloutside.jpg
# ask mom to bring it back inside for the night
# says "no, looks weak, might be a disease"
# worriedface.jpg
# me:"ok"
# wait for parents to go back to bed
# sneak out by garage door
# get bird and food inside
# put them in small cardbox with layer of coton
# cozyandwarm.png
# put some cloth on top but leave large space for air
# go back to bed
# 3AM noisy af
# freaking hail storm
# birdy scared out of its mind
# takes off in my bedroom
# he flies
# reliefwashovermeforasecond.jpeg
# now's time to put him back in cardbox
# lively birdy hard to catch
# finally catch it without waking parents
# get him back under cloth in soft cardbox
# silence again
# go back to sleep
# 5AM can't sleep
# check on bird
# clearly doing better
# time for release
# snap pics 1st
# birdy's really active while transportation
# destination freedom
# gently put down cardbox
# lift cloth
# step back
# birdy flies away as fast as he can (healthy birdy)
# empty cardbox except for food and guano (bird poop)
# not much food left: good 
# feel glad
# get back inside
# wash hands, foreharms and face
# will try to go back to sleep
# might be impossible because I'm too happy
# weekend gonna be sweet


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I need still to work on my portraits though, yours are so great!
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